Dubbed "Venice of the East," the ancient city of Suzhou teems with enchanting canals and winding waterways.

Events & Festivals

Year-round, Suzhou festivals showcase the ancient city's unrivaled beauty, diverse culture and rich traditions.


Experience the pristine beauty and divine tranquility of Suzhou's beautifully manicured classical gardens.


From ancient artifacts to modern architecture, and from Kunqu opera to fine-spun silks, uncover the wonder that makes Suzhou a treasured destination.


Suzhou is the silk capital of the world. Authentic and handmade embroidery is a traditional, local product that’s a great choice for visitors to Suzhou.


From active monasteries to ancient remains, Suzhou is home to a colorful collection of China’s most cherished temples.

Top 10 Attractions

With more than 400 attractions to choose from, planning your perfect Suzhou itinerary may leave you not knowing where to start.