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Suzhou Weather

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Suzhou’s pleasant climate and perennial happenings make this place a year-round destination. No matter the season, you can always find things to do in Suzhou. Suzhou’s weather is comparable to weather in the U.S. and Canada (albeit a bit more tropical at times). We’ve summed up each season below so you can start planning your Suzhou get-away.

January 46°F | 8°C 34°F | 1°C 6
February 48°F | 9°C 36°F | 2°C 7
March 55°F | 13°C 41°F | 5°C 9
April 66°F | 19°C 52°F | 11°C 10
May 75°F | 24°C 61°F | 16°C 10
June 81°F | 27°C 68°F | 20°C 10
July 90°F | 32°C 77°F | 25°C 9
August 90°F | 32°C 77°F | 25°C 8
September 81°F | 27°C 70°F | 21°C 9
October 72°F | 22°C 59°F | 15°C 6
November 63°F | 17°C 48°F | 9°C 5
December 52°F | 11°C 36°F | 2°C 5


Warm and pleasant, spring is one of the most popular times to visit the ancient city. Flowers are in full bloom, festivals are in full swing and although it does rain, precipitation is not as prevalent as it is in the summer. While temperature swings are always a possibility, spring is generally quite temperate.

When: March, April and May
Travel Season: Shoulder
What to Wear: Layers, short and long-sleeved shirts, light jacket or sweater, rain gear


It’s the warmest season of the year. Humidity rises as the rainy season kicks off in June, and transitions into the hottest month (July), with temperatures exceeding 90°F (32°C). Heavy rains can happen at a moment’s notice — don’t forget to pack your umbrella.

When: June, July and August
Travel Season: High
What to Wear: Sunglasses, sunscreen, shorts, t-shirts, rain gear


The sun reemerges as the air begins to cool and dry. The season starts off warm, and as the heat begins to wane, daily temperatures become quite balmy. Similar to spring, expect some temperature swings. Overall, conditions are highly favorable — making autumn one of the best (and busiest) seasons to visit.

When: September, October and November
Travel Season: Peak
What to Wear: Layers, short and long-sleeved shirts, light jacket or sweater


While it’s the coldest season, winter boasts the least amount of tourists. The coldest weather is usually felt during late January. Although it seldom snows, the air is damp and soaked with humidity, making it feel even chillier at times.

When: December, January and February
Travel Season: Low
What to Wear: Coats, sweaters, scarves, umbrella