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Year-round, Suzhou festivals showcase the ancient city’s unrivaled beauty, diverse culture and rich traditions. From brilliant blooms to dramatic dragon boats, get a taste of authentic Suzhou. Be sure to plan your trip around one (or many) of these exciting celebrations.

Travel Tips:

  • Dates vary annually according to the Chinese lunar calendar.
  • Due to popularity, it's recommended to book your tour 60 days in advance.


Hanshan Temple Bell Ringing Festival
Every year, thousands flock to the 1,500-year-old temple to listen as monks strike 108 bell tolls, praying for good luck and happiness in the coming year.
When: December 31
Where: Hanshan Temple, Suzhou

Spring Festival
Spring Festival marks the start of the Chinese New Year and the advent of the spring season. Thousands flock to see extravagant fireworks displays, lavish parades, temple fairs and Hanshan Temple’s annual bell ringing ceremony.
When: February 1, 2022
Where: Various locations throughout Suzhou

God of Wealth Festival
This annual celebration welcomes the God of Wealth as he returns to Earth after an extended stay in Heaven. Shops and commercial streets throughout Suzhou will celebrate his arrival. 
When: February 5, 2022
Where: Panmen Gate, Suzhou

Lantern Festival
From guessing riddles (a traditional Chinese game) and sampling dumplings to visiting exhibits and viewing lightshows, it’s a celebration of all things lantern.
When: February 15, 2022
Where: Various locations throughout Suzhou

Jinji Lake Half Marathon
This annual race attracts runners from around the world.
When: March
Where: SIP District

Taihu Lake Plum Blossom Festival
Fragrant, bright pink plum blossoms blanket trees, transform hills and reflect off the water. This picturesque oasis is one of Suzhou’s most popular attractions, so it’s wise to book your tour at least 60 days out.
When: February – March
Where: Guangfu Ancient Town


Biluochun Tea Culture and Tourism Festival
Celebrated annually, visitors are invited to pick and fry tea leaves from thousand-year-old tea shrubs (grown exclusively in the area), watch folk art performances and munch on traditional treats.
When: March – April
Where: East Hill, Suzhou

Changshu Shanghu Lake Peony Show
See and smell more than 50,000 peonies amongst 24 acres of lush gardens. Inspired by the surrounding flora, fine art and performance art can also be enjoyed.
When: April  - May
Where: Shanghu Lake Scenic Zone, Changshu


Lotus Flower Show
At one of Suzhou's most storied UNESCO World Heritage Sites, hundreds of lotus flowers blossom around you. 
When: June - October
Where: Humble Administrator's Garden

Jinji Lake Dragon Boat Races
A trip to China would not be complete without taking part in dragon boat festivities. Admire colorfully decorated boats and sample tasty traditional treats, like zòngzi (sticky rice dumplings delicately wrapped in reed leaves).
When:  June
Where: SIP District

Jiangnan Culture & Arts International Tourism Festival
Learn about the unique culture south of the Yangtze River though a variety of art forms.
When:  August - October
Where: Throughout Suzhou


Yangcheng Lake Tourism Festival
Celebrate the harvest of the hairy crab, a Suzhou delicacy. 
When: September
Where: Yangcheng Town

Zhouzhuang Mid-Autumn Temple Fair
Colorful lanterns light up this ancient town addition to its traditional Chinese culture. 
When: September – October
Where: Zhouzhuang Ancient Town

Tiger Hill Temple Fair
For more than 200 years, this event has attracted music lovers to Tiger Hill. 
When: September - October 
Where: TIger Hill

Lake Cup Regatta
Sailorrs from near and far race against a stunning backdrop of modern Suzhou. 
When: October
Where: Jinji Lake, SIP District

Taihu Lake nternational Marathon
This event attracts runners from all over the world who appreciate a course of stunning lake views. 
When: November
Where: Gaoxin District